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Core Team Capabilities – Experience

Standard Insurance Limited (Standard bank South Africa)

Phase 1:
Tasked with setting up a staff rollout initiative as a CSI based project. The staff of Standard Bank were contacted via intranet, posters and ongoing manned displays in the foyer at their head offices in Braamfontein. The object of this initiative was to educate and encourage all staff to go over to solar water heating. All staff received a preferential interest rate from Standard Bank. The rollout was national and it was imperative for us to have vetted and professional installation teams country wide. A major part of this initiative involved us giving product specific training to the installer teams countrywide and constantly ensuring the levels of workmanship never dropped.
Phase 2:
The second part of the rollout was aimed at Standard Banks insurance customers of which there were hundreds of thousands. Marketing was through a newsletter posted along with every statement. All clients needed a site visit before quotation and installation. We were integral in setting up a countrywide network of plumbers and electricians to handle the technical as well as sales related questions.

Investec staff rollout (national)

Tasked with setting up a staff rollout as a CSI based initiative. This particular project had large input from Investec's own marketing department . Regular on-site displays were set up to constantly inform Investec staff of the multiple benefits of switching to solar water heating. Taken from experience gained at previous projects we assisted Investec with advice regarding a preferential and subsidised staff rate. This was automatically deducted from their salaries and made the process very user friendly.

Group 5 Construction staff rollout (national)

The development of this staff rollout took on a different focus for at this stage (2012 3rd quarter) the SANS 10400 regulations were written into law, meaning that any new development or major alteration needed to prove that they were implementing that 50% of the households water heating would be generated by "alternative energy". Group 5 were one of the first to begin implementation and used their staff rollout platform to market this concept. This rollout however was a smaller and more controlled version of the other two staff rollout projects, as group 5 only have 2000 staff members. Another advantage is that it was focussed only on South Africa's 3 main hubs, namely Gauteng, Durban and Cape Town. Site inspections were easily controlled and quality standards maintained. After the previous two projects all challenges had been ironed out.

Boutique Hotel Khyber Rock

Customer is developing a 9 unit boutique hotel in Woodmead. The brief was to start with solar water heating, then progress to solar PV with the end result of being completely off grid. Water heating solution was completed in 2013 with first phase of PV currently being installed. The project will eventually have a yield of 25Kwp. (customer has requested a rain harvesting solution for the future as well).

National Network of installers

Our greatest concern with the installation of renewable solutions was quality control. Afri-market is based in Gauteng with offices in Durban. The concern was limiting ourselves in these regions. With this in mind we developed a network of installers countrywide, who have all been vetted by ourselves and meet the high standards we have set. All installers carry the certification required by the governing body of their particular industry. For instance our solar water installers would need to have IOPSA certification(qualified plumber) then SETA certified solar installer qualifications. And finally every installer team would have needed to complete our own in house product specific training. All these aspects of our SLA's with the countrywide network involves ongoing monitoring, and any complaints are followed up immediately. We have also subsequently taken on a qualified trainer to ensure all these functions can be attended to in house.

REIPP – 50Mw array North West Province

As part of the round one REIPP, ourselves and our sister company presented a full PV solution for a 50Mwp project in the North West. Full design and EPC was presented. This was a perfect opportunity to align ourselves with JV companies to be able to offer a full service for all aspects of this potential project. Design was completed and presented to the DOE. The tender was not awarded but plans are in place to implement this as a private initiative. Feasibility studies are currently underway.

Bushills conference centre

The scope was to design a 6Kw grid tied system initially. The centre has vast space available and eventually wants to be totally offgrid, this will necessitate a plus minus 50 kw system with battery storage. System was designed to run 21 modules in 3 rows, ground mounted at an angle 19 degrees. Hot water solutions are also being considered.

Residential – numerous

Over the last 5 years our team through various initiatives have installed and implemented hundreds of residential solar water geysers. These are high quality systems and too date no customer has been disappointed with the benefits of installing these money saving systems. Afri-Market is currently working on some very exciting new residential rollouts commencing 3rd quarter 2014.

300Kwp University project

Through a JV, Afri-Market was tasked to design a 300Kwp PV array system for a major university in the greater Johannesburg area. Roof mounted with more than a thousand panels. This gave us the opportunity to gain valuable experience with wind shear factors as well as structural engineering as strict regulations were required for both criteria. Pending tender approval.

Medium and High voltage services

Afri-Market and its partner companies have vast experience with the design, construction and implementation of Indoor and outdoor switchgear, Mini subs as well as conventional and underground substations. Specialising in containerised as well as conventional substations. (Please see our gallery for examples)

Continuing People Development

Schneider Academy

Battery Course

Kiran Fakir

WaterSmith Training Centre

Install & Maintain Solar Water Heating Systems

WJ Kruger

WaterSmith Training Centre

National Certificate: Plumbing

WJ Kruger

WaterSmith Training Centre

Heat Pumps

WJ Kruger