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Office block photovoltaic solution

Everyone is affected by the ever more costly price of electricity, not to mention load shedding. However there is a major difference between inconvenience and financial loss. If like us you have been working in the office and all of a sudden your electricity is cut off, it becomes frustrating to say the least. Deadlines are missed, customers are disappointed and worst of all your staff sit around doing nothing. Productivity down the tubes!

Office blocks and light industry are the ideal scenarios where PV should be implemented. Based on our experience, while a PV installation can be costly (based on a number of installation variables, the cost can vary) , it is the battery storage, for after hours usage, that can as much as double the price of the installation. However in an office environment where the energy is generally only required during the day, no battery storage (or very little) is required. As the electricity is generated it is immediately used. The power supplied to the office runs through a pure sine inverter (which means the power fed to your computer, printer etc is CLEAN power) which is more than can be said for the electricity that comes through the mains and can vary by as much as 60volts. Also if you use more power than the PV can produce, or if it is a cloudy and rainy day, the system will automatically click over to mains power instantly. There is no delay in time for this switch over so no damage or lost data will occur.

Generally speaking, office blocks also have ideal roof structures. And because of the electrical distribution boards which are designed to be able to monitor each offices usage pattern for billing purposes, the infrastructure already exists for the landlord to connect PV modules up to individual offices or tenants.

Another important factor to be considered is that with the correct equipment you are able to start very small. We call this our Modular Approach. The initial installation or module could for instance just power each offices daytime lights with a minimum number of PV modules which may be expanded year by year until you have almost full daytime autonomy from the power utility company. And with the amount of solar irradiation in Sub-Saharan Africa this is generally possible for 9 months of the year.

PS: Another ideal scenario for office blocks as well as housing complexes is to run night time lights (security lights) off of PV power generated during the day. This however is discussed more in-depth under the section Photovoltaic Office Block Security Lights. It must be noted that for this form of renewable energy usage battery storage is essential.

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