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Photovoltaic Office Block Security Lights

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Office block photovoltaic security lights

Under the previous section we mentioned that going completely off-grid is still an expensive alternative. In keeping with our theme of starting small and trying to achieve the quickest possible return on investment we decided to devote a complete section to "security lighting".

With crime being a very real everyday occurrence most companies are forced to have security lighting to discourage any potential thief from choosing your company premises as their next opportunity. At Afri-Market we have the ideal solution for these needs, just enough PV panels to feed the batteries required for night lighting (and some small extras if economically viable like gate motor etc). As limitations exist with all renewables, logically, the amount of autonomy required is subject to your budget. By autonomy we mean how long your batteries will feed the lights before automatically switching back to grid power. From experience most installations allow for a 3 day autonomy. The autonomy is to counter rainy and overcast days throughout the year, when solar production is at a minimum. Thankfully in glorious sunny South Africa that is mostly for 3 months of the year and often less.

It is imperative that we make the same point again however, one can start very small in keeping with the allocated budget, but year on year one can increase the size of the system (number of batteries, solar panels and/or the capacity of the inverters and controllers). This is in keeping with our whole principle of "modular" renewable energy. The whole basis of our credo at Afri-Market is not to spend more money than the system will payback in a 3-5 year period, as an example.

If however your budget allows for a bigger PV system to cover more of your energy needs, then we can assist with this as well. Electricity is NOT going to get cheaper, this is not marketing this is fact. Our systems are designed as 25 year solutions, with an average return on investment within 3-5 years. We estimate that the breakeven point for your capital investment is about 3-5 years given the year on year compounded increase in electricity prices.

Afri-Market is also currently busy with consulting to large industry in the Western Cape for large scale lighting solutions, this is however handled through our 100% BEE sister company (BEE rating level 1)

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