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Solar geyser installed by Afri-Market

Hotels, Agricultural Holdings, Game lodges, Offices, Light Manufacturing, Gyms…!

The above are without exception, massive consumers of hot water. Afri-Market has the ideal solution for each situation. From your large commercial hotels that use in excess of 40 000 litres of hot water a day to your game lodges that need individual geysers installed we have the experience, expertise and product to handle your requirements. Hotels typically would have one (or two) massive boilers as opposed to individual geysers, and from past experience owners/managers are under the impression that solar cannot be connected to these systems. This is simply not true, in most cases these are the most ideal scenarios for introducing solar hot water as all the piping and infrastructure already exists. The undertaking is also not as "intrusive" as most maintenance managers would believe and generally no down time is required.

What surprises the hotel owners as well is the payback period. Often the return on investment is as little as 1 year. With many years of incredibly reduced pricing making it one of the most economical investments you could make.

Owners of B+B's as well as boutique hotels also benefit massively from solar hot water. So long as you have a reputable company doing the installations along with product suppliers that produce high quality goods with warranties the long term investment cannot be faulted.

Offices as well as light manufacturing companies can also benefit massively from solar hot water. Besides being a great greening initiative for corporate social responsibilities, this is also the most economical way of saving electricity with a very respectable payback period. This is also the very first step for companies before implementing more expensive PV solutions.

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Afri-Market also offers solutions to large industry, requiring steam and heating. However these projects are handled through our 100% black owned (BEE level 1) sister company