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The new patented, SABS-tested, Eskom-approved Novasun solar water heating system enables homeowners to enjoy solar water heating without the "hassles" that come with existing traditional direct and indirect solar water heating systems. Novasun which has a unique flat plate collector with beneficial features for the consumer is now available.

Indirect solar geysers use heat transfer fluid (normally glycol) to carry energy from the solar collector and transfer the energy to the water through a heat exchanger. This technology prevents environmental damage to solar collectors such as freezing damage, corrosion and clogging. However, according to experts, indirect systems are prone to numerous complications and require regular servicing.

The patented Novasun system allows for the "indirect" heating of water as it flows through the solar collector's header pipe, which in turn is connected to several enclosed copper pipes containing its heat transfer medium. These solar collectors are maintenance-free and don't require the replacement of the transfer fluid. As with all systems, visual inspection remains the responsibility of the owner.

The unique benefit of this system is that the solar collector is frost or freeze resistant, as the heat transfer fluid's freezing point is -60 C. Making it suitable for South Africa's climate. The Novasun, in comparision to other direct flat plate systems, doesn't require a freeze valve or dump valve to protect the system against a sudden decrease in ambient temperature or freezing conditions. The SABS has thus rated the system as a hail-proof, direct freeze-resistant system, which means that even installations in the frost prone Highveld will qualify for the Eskom rebates.

A solar system poorly designed can result in stagnation: when the solar collector cant adequately reject the absorbed solar heat to transfer fluid reaching temperatures exceeding that of their designed limits. The Novasun system doesn't stagnate since the heat transfer fluid doesn't allow the heating of the water to go beyond 70 C. As a result, no air release valves or expansion tanks are required, cutting down the chances and costs of potential failures and future maintenance.

The unique design of the Novasun solar panel doesn't rely on water circulation through a circular designed pipework, which eliminates the chances of blockages.

Over the years, the Solartherm cylinder, with its unique pex-lining, has proven itself to be particularly well-suited for use in all water types. As an added bonus. Novasun is easy and cost-effective to install-the simplicity of the system makes it possible to fit in less than two hours.

Afri-market will provide various supply chain value-added services for Novasun., thereby closing the product-service chain that has to date been lacking in the industry.

This will ensure the appropriate servicing of various market sectors, with a sustainable and locally manufactured product.

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